Tensions are rising with Taiwan could be the main focus of Biden the virtual talks with Xi  The tensions within Taiwan Strait will be the topic of a virtual conference between US President Joe Biden (China) and President Xi Jinping (US). Both sides will launch diplomatic shots in regard to Taiwan’s status as well as other issues, from the US-China trade war to the 2022 Olympics.

 In a call in a phone call with Antony Blinken, the Chinese Secretary of State, Wang Yang highlighted Beijing’s claim to  celebrity dance wholesome culture zoo culture yusuf gatewood democracy of 23.5 million people. This was in advance of Monday’s Biden-Xi virtual meeting.

 According to the reports, Wang warned the US not to back Taiwan independence. Chinese state media then followed suit Monday with an editorial in China Daily asking the US to adhere to the “One China Principle”. It is Beijing’s policy that says there is only one Chinese sovereign state.

 The Global Times said US officials this week had crossed the “red line” and were colluding with Taiwanese President TsaiIng Wen. The Biden Administration has been much more vocal in its support for Taiwan since it was elected to the White House in January than previous Democratic Presidency.

 One of Washington’s most stern warnings, Blinken stated last week that the US and its allies would “take steps” to defend Taiwan. While the US and Taiwan are not diplomatically connected, the US has promised to support Taiwan in its defense in an agreement in 1979.

 While it’s a long-running issue between the US and China tensions regarding the Taiwan Strait have risen further  jamie afifi ema horvath exton elias downey cross culture church recently after China has sent more than 140 military planes – including 56 in a single day – to Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the early part of October.

 The number of flights to the ADIZ have escalated since the time President Tsai started his term in 2016, with a further spike over the last year. According to an Pentagon report (PDF), China may have the capability of attacking Taiwan by 2027.

 J Michael Cole, a Taipei-based senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Canada, said to Al Jazeera that Beijing seeks an independent Taiwan.

 “Current trends in the US that are more focused on security  guarantees to Taiwan (if implicit) which is a major barrier to China having the ability to convince Taiwan that there is no other choice than to accept the offer,” he said.

 “Xi will seek signals [from Bidenthat could be used in these propaganda strategies. Whether Biden will give them is highly questionable. He probably won’t.

 Human rights violations

 Taiwan is, however, only one of the predicted fault lines that will be discussed in the Xi Biden phone call this Monday.  best i can do meme love culture good culture cottage cheese Both countries are involved in a trade dispute that was initiated by the former president Donald Trump – and have had a dispute over issues such as Chinese human rights abuses and the political oppression in Xinjiang as well as Tibet.

 In April the US State Department raised concerns regarding China’s record on human rights and suggested that the US might boycott the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. The US State Department was later to withdraw.

 These comments could put Biden in a precarious position as Xi is likely to invite him to the Olympics According to CNBC.

 If personal interactions between the leaders will influence China’s policy towards the United States is yet to be determined, Matthew Goodman, an Asia advisor on the National Security Council during the Barack Obama and George W Bush administrations told Reuters news agency.